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Recession Proof Skills
Whether the economy is up or down, the skills taught in the Local Marketing Vault help you to get paid. These skills make you invaluable and recession proof so you get paid for your value, not your time in any market.
Over The Top Support
The Local Marketing Vault prides itself on amazing support. Not only is there a hyper-active Exclusive Facebook Support Group, there's also M-F Live Q&A sessions with 8, 7, and 6-figure coaches plus Live Support Chat.
Over 5,000 Members
There are over 5,000 paid members of the Local Marketing Vault community consisting of members from all around them world making it one of the largest, exclusive local business and marketing training communities today.
LMV Review Gallery
Carlos From Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Sales
Carlos Gets His First Paying Client Less Than 5 Weeks In!
Bill From Long Island, New York
Occupation: School Teacher
Bill Adds $1,000/month To His Income!
Katy B From Australia
Occupation: IT Manager
Katy Lands a Major Corporate Client Using Her Favorite Part of LMV!
Dasha From Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Photographer
Dasha Gets Unbelievable Results For Her Client!
Eli From Lakewood, New Jersey
Occupation: Finance
'Unconfident' Eli Finds Success 3 Weeks After Joining!
Kim From Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation: Stay-At-Home-Mom
Kim Comes In With Zero Experience and Earns Extra Income For Family!
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Jonathan From Tustin, California
Occupation: Call Center Agent
Jonathan starts a business that will set him up for long-term success!
Kim C From Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Data Entry Operator
Kim Values Being Able to Help Keep Small Businesses From Closing!
Adam From Simsbury, Connecticut
Occupation: Tennis Instructor
23-Year-Old Adam Lands 2 Clients in One Day - Consistency is Key!
Amalia From Paso Robles, California
Occupation: Stay-At-Home-Mom
Mom-of-Three Amalia Gets Her Client Leads in Less Than 24 Hours!
Justin From England
Occupation: Self-Employed
Justin Says This Program Doesn't Leave Any Steps Out!
Mark from Foxborough, MA
Occupation: Development Manager
"Skeptical" Mark Tries Program and Says It Sets You Up For Success!
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David From Orono, Maine
Occupation: Self-Employed
David Gains Confidence For the First Time After Getting a Client!
Rick From Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Author
Rick Feels Gratitude Helping Others With His New Skills!
Becky From Canada
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Becky 'Copy and Pastes' Her Way to Her First Potential Client!
Thomas From Tacoma, Washington
Occupation: Computer Engineer
Thomas Lands Client and Gets Paid Less Than 30 Days In - Feels Amazing!
Leonard From North Carolina
Occupation: Molding Technician
Single Dad Leonard Uses Training To Create a Better Life For His Family!
Allen From Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Self-Employed
From Chasing Shiny Objects to Focusing and Getting Business!
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Jason From Canada
Occupation: Support Worker
Jason Joins Program and Says His New Skills Are Invaluable
Hector From Sunrise, California
Occupation: Self-Employed
Hector Goes From Working 3 Jobs to Working Full Time for Himself!
Clark From Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Clark Loves the Flexibility the Program Offers!
Blake & Dana From Ft. Worth, Texas Occupations: Self-Employed
Blake and Dana Were Wowed Training They Receive From the Program
Jory From Central Coast, California Occupation: Eldercare Contracting
Jory Takes Advantage of Skills from the Program to Retire by 50!
Tom From Burlington, Vermont
Occupation: Construction Worker
Tom Feels Supported in the Program - "Do Exactly What They Say!"
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Raven From St. Louis, Missouri
Occupation: Assembly Line Worker
Raven Loves How Straightforward the Program Is - "You're in Good Hands!"
Jordan From Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Self-Employed
Jordan Couldn't Be Happier with All the Different Methods to Get Clients!
Sam From Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: IT Project Manager
Sam Says This Program is as Useful as Getting Another License/Certificate!
Said From Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Marketing Director
Said Gets Hired Full Time By His Own Client - Everything's Proven Already!
Spencer From Riverside, California Occupation: Self-Employed
Spencer Can't Believe How Good This Program Is Versus Others He's Tried!
Chris From Burlington, Vermont
Occupation: Grocery Store Worker
Chris Says This Program Has "Everything You Need In One Place!"
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Chris From Folsom, California Occupation: Self-Employed
Chris Quits His Job and Finds Success After 12 Days - "Follow the Checklist!"
Anosh From Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Marketing
Anosh Says It's So Satisfying To Be Able To Help Small Businesses
Greg From Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Self-Employed
Greg Says Getting Paid Never Gets Old - Feels Good to Work for Himself!
Zechariah From Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Self-Employed
Zechariah Found a Community that Sincerely Cares and Helps Him Grow!
Anthony From St. Louis, Missouri
Occupation: Business Owner
Anthony Uses His Skills From the Program for His Own Businesses!
Andrea From Hickory, North Carolina
Occupation: Nonprofit Manager
Andrea Has Businesses Approaching Her Because of Her Value!
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Jeremiah From Riverton, Utah
Occupation: Business Owner
"What I Have to Offer Is the Best Thing These Businesses Could Have"
Ellen From Tustin, California 
Occupation: Self-Employed
Ellen's Tried Other Programs and Says, "This Is the Real Deal!"
Matthew From Clarks, Nebraska
Occupation: Customer Service Rep
"It's Simple Steps to Get to Where You Need to Be!"
Allen From Bay Area, California
Occupation: Chiropractor
Allen Says Don't Overthink It! - "Once You Learn Something, You Do It!"
Samuel From Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: Avionics Technician
Samuel Says, "The Value In This Class Is Insane!"
Feroze and Haris From Canada
Occupation: Self-Employed
Feroze and Haris Are Blown Away by the Support in the Program!
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Dan From England
Occupation: Self-Employed
Dan Is Amazed By the Amount of Content He Has Access to Every Day!
Helene From Canada
Occupation: Business Owner
Helene Loves How Simple This Is - "Do the Work and You Won't Be Sorry!"
Brian From Minneapolis, Minnesota
Occupation: Bartender
Brian Used Support From the Group to Deliver Killer Results for A Client!
Ryan From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Occupation: Business Owner
"Everything's Laid Out For You - All You Have to Do Is Keep Going!"
Ahmed From England
Occupation: IT Consultant
Ahmed Couldn't Believe How Easily He Got A Client After Just 3 Weeks!
Kyle From Charlotte, North Carolina
Occupation: Self-Employed
"Consider This An Investment In Your Business and Also Yourself!"
Have You Seen the Free Local Marketing Vault Training?
Michael From Australia
Occupation: Self-Employed
Michael Says Don't Hesitate - "Don't Wait For the Perfect Time, Just Do It!"
Denny and John From Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Consultants
Denny & John Followed the Checklist Exactly to Land Their First Client!
Saranda From New Jersey
Occupation: Restaurant Worker
Saranda Feels Blessed to Be In Such A Supportive and Helpful Community!
Paul From Curran, Michigan
Occupation: Pastor
Paul Loves the Flexibility - "Find What You Enjoy and Focus on That!"
Hasan From England
Occupation: Microsoft
"As Long As You Put the Effort Into It, You Will Get Results!"
Jason From Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Self-Employed
Jason Has Accountability Now - "It's Helping Propel My Business Forward!"
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Jesse From Canada
Occupation: Self-Employed
"Everything You Need to Be Successful Is In This Group!"
Stacey From Swainsboro, Georgia
Occupation: Truck Driver
Stacey Landed a Client By Just Mentioning His Business to a Friend!
Isaiah From The Bronx, New York Occupation: CPA
"The Mentorship In This Program Is Impeccable - It's Surreal!"
Emmanuel From England
Occupation: Self-Employed
Emmanuel Spots Opportunities Everywhere Now!
Maha From Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Stay-At-Home Mom
Maha Says You'll Get Results If You Stay Consistent!
Bill From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Occupation: Banker
Bill Says It All Falls Into Place Once You Start Taking Action!
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